Based on the core principles of our Mindbody fitness method, Personal Training in Clarinda with Perez Fitness is personalised for YOU. Set in a boutique home based training studio you will begin with a unique goal setting process. Then comes the plan! The exciting part!  We work together to establish what this is going to look like and work through it together.



What is happening in your life at the moment? How would you describe your mental health? How much do you have on your plate? Describe your mood? Why do you want to change your lifestyle? What is your relationship with food? What are your triggers?  - These are the types of discussions we will have together, because before your body can achieve anything, we need to identify what we need to do to TEACH your mind to work with you, not against you!


How do you like to sweat? Like anything, you need to enjoy the process to be able to make it sustainable and effective. There is no point engaging in a form of exercise that you don’t enjoy! Is it running? Is it boxing? It is resistance? Is it dance? Is it functional? Is it HIIT? You name it, it’s out there for you! Your coach is there to help you work out what this is and assist and encourage you to work it out and stick with it!


Guys! How many times have you turned to a quick fix to reach your goal? Hang on lets go back a step….What is your goal? How do you goal set? What style of goal setting works for you? How do you like to be coached? Do you like/ need to be kept accountable daily, weekly or….hourly!!?

Lets get this bit right first!! These are the important elements and they shouldn’t be rushed!

Then lets plan together, learn together and achieve together! SLOWLY! 

The longer it takes for you to achieve your results/goals, the longer they will last!

I know this because I have done the crash diets and crazy fitness regimes and yes, I have seen results! BUT they have not been sustainable long term.

Education, support and knowledge creates confidence and the power to change!


Personal Training with PerezFitness

At Perez Fitness we are passionate about you achieving your results. We also understand that the key to this is unique and sensitive to every individual. That is why the Mindbody fitness method was created.

We believe Physical fitness improves mind fitness and mind fitness improves physical fitness. 


The Mindbody fitness method is a gentle and slow approach to achieving change that is sustainable long term. We say NO to quick fixes! The longer it takes to make a change, the longer it will last! 

Through one on one training, education, support and accountability coaching you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving. Our boutique personal training studio in Clarinda, Melbourne is a fresh, warm & loved space by many. Together with your trainer you will work on your individual goals & put a plan in place. These plans are unique to each person and your progress is tracked via measurements and photographs. 

If you are ready to embark on an exciting journey toward improved health, wellbeing & growth then this is the time and place for you! Personal training in Clarinda is here!

If you would like to have a chat with us, please feel free to pick up the phone and call! We understand that this is a very personal and sometimes challenging path to go down and we are here to make it achievable and exciting for you!



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